It’s Going Down Interviews with Armsbury and Thurman


It’s Going has posted excellent interviews Chuck Armsbury (Patriot Party) and Hy Thurman (Young Patriots) exploring the histories of their organizations and the possibilities of multiracial alliances in left politics. These interviews provide an welcome antidote to the liberal scapegoating of poor and working-class white people for the rise of Trump. These long interviews are well worth the listen.

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Audio From The Original Rainbow Coalition Online Seminar

bpp8If you missed the online seminar for the Lessons From the Original Rainbow Coalitions (9/9/16), you can listen to the audio here:

Thanks to the Kairos Center for having Hy Thurman and myself over to tell the story of how the Young Patriots, Young Lords, Black Panthers and Rising Up Angry catalyzed¬†the Original Rainbow Coalitions. Please note that this audio recording references some photos we shared on the conference. I’ll be working on a combined audio/visual version of this in the near future.