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Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels and Black Power


(Co-authored with Amy Sonnie) The historians of the late 1960s have emphasized the work of a group of white college activists who courageously took to the streets to protest the war in Vietnam and continuing racial inequality. Poor and working-class whites have tended to be painted as spectators, reactionaries, and, even, racists. Most Americans, the story goes, just watched the political movements of the sixties go by.

No Fascist U.S.A.!


(Co-authored with Hilary Moore) The story of how a national grassroots network fought a resurgence of the KKK and other fascist groups during the Reagan years, laying the groundwork for today’s anti-fascist/anti-racist movements.

“Smash fascism! Read this book!”––Tom Morello, songwriter and guitarist with Rage Against the Machine

Dispatches Against Displacement


“We are all too well adjusted.” says James Tracy, “to an economic system that evicts, downsizes, pollutes, and imprisons. This same system also comes equipped with a well-oiled public-relations system calibrated to rob us of something even more profound: our ability to imagine a different state of affairs.” In San Francisco, that system is eroding the city with waves of cash flowing north from Silicon Valley. Recent evictions of long-time San Francisco residents, outrageous rents and home prices, and blockaded “Google buses” are only the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is a long arc of displacement over almost two decades of “dot com” boom and bust.

“With the insight of a poet and the long-term vision of a seasoned organizer, Dispatches Against Displacement weaves together a powerful, instructive, hilarious, and poignant description of how the working class fights back in the City by the Bay.”—Alicia Garza, Co-founder, Black Lives Matter movement.

Avanti Popolo


(Co-edited with Tommi Avicolli-Mecca, Giancarlo Campagna and Cameron Mc Henry) Italian American writers celebrate their hidden history in a literary tribute to fighting social injustice. With the current anti-immigrant sentiments filling up newspaper front pages, these writers respond with thought-provoking works that focus on breaking from mainstream tradition. On Columbus Day, instead of celebrating conquest, these poets and writers acknowledge those who stood up for justice and have fought for the rights of all immigrants, regardless of heritage. With new work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Kim Addonizio, James Tracy, Michael Cirelli, Michael Parenti, Thomas Centolella, and many others. (Manic D Press).