Time flies. About six years ago a group of booklovers associated with AK Press, Haymarket Press and the Green Arcade Bookstore (& some non-affiliated folks) all agreed that the left needed a non-sectarian space to discuss and debate ideas. That’s right, an event where progressive people, socialists, anarchists, feminists, Black, Brown, Yellow and Red liberationists, working-class partisans, insurrectionists, electoralists and more could actually talk with each other.

(And nerd out on cool books.)

Your typical Zinn fair is an example of organized, grassroots joyful chaos. We welcome about 70 exhibitors, we hold about 60 sessions in a community college setting. Famous authors are given the same respect as ‘zinesters and bloggers. Looking over our roster from past years, over 60% of our presenters have been women. The majority have been People of Color. And we haven’t done this through some sort of head-counting thing. We just make sure the invitation to participate goes out far and wide. If you look for excellence, it stands to reason that excellence is going to be found, in multiple colors/genders/classes.

So we are doing this again, for the sixth time! 

It seems a little indulgent to put so much energy into a Book Fair, when the world is literally burning.

Yet, if this armageddon circus is going to be turned around, we are going to need ideas.

Listening to conflicting ideologies. Considering ideas. Developing theories from the grassroots. Taking action.

So please accept the Howard Zinn Book Fair 2019 as a humble contribution towards this.

We are looking forward to seeing  you:

Howard Zinn Book Fair 2019
Sunday December 8th
10am to 6pm
City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus
1125 Valencia Street
We are pleased to announce that the 6th Annual Howard Zinn Book Fair will take place on December 8, 2019 at CCSF Mission Campus. The theme of this year’s book fair is “Strike! Discovering Our Power.” We selected this theme to celebrate the ways in which everyday people discover their ability to work together. Inspired by the wave of strikes across the United States in the past year, the massive General Strikes in India, and the recent uprisings in Algeria and Sudan, we expand the idea of the strike to include all of the ways people can take collective action to preserve their homes, protect life on earth, respect indigeneity, shut down the machinery that produces racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and inequality, and build movements that are strong enough to last. The Strike! is not only about withdrawing our labor, but about redirecting it to create a better world.

The Howard Zinn Book Fair will host dozens of 90 min session slots for workshops, readings, panels and performances.