NYC Event: Reboot the Rainbow: Lessons From the Original Rainbow Coalitions and the Poor People’s Campaign



__www_baystatebanner_com-files-Natl17d-2____No matter who wins the White House in November, the forces of white reaction and right-wing nationalism will emerge stronger than they have been for decades. Using the Original Rainbow Coalition and the Poor People’s Campaign as starting points, we’ll pull lessons from past movements that can be applied to the present day. The event will be interactive, with speakers including: Hy Thurman of the Young Patriots Organization, Lynn Lewis (Picture the Homeless) , Sasha Hammad (formerly Retail Action Project & Young Workers United) James Tracy (co-author Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels and Black Power) Willie Baptist (Kairos Center, author of Pedagogy of the Poor) and John Wessel Mc Coy (Kairos Center). Together, we will arrive at concrete ideas for fighting for social justice in the contemporary era.

You can get a “ticket” here. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but your donations will help with the travel costs for Hy Thurman, one of the leaders of the Young Patriots’ Organization which brought poor whites into the Rainbow Coalition.


Online Seminar: the Original Rainbow Coalition

The Original Rainbow Coalition, formed in Chicago in the late 1960’s, was the alliance between the Chicago Black Panther Party, Puerto Rican Young Lords, and Poor White Young Patriots Organization. It was one of the moments in the history of this country where poor people came together across racial lines to build power, support each other, and fight for their shared interests.

The Original Rainbow Coalition represented a real threat to the established powers both locally in Chicago and nationally. The Chicago police conspired with the FBI to assassinate Fred Hampton, one of the key figures from the Black Panther Party, in his bed and to seriously undermine the Rainbow Coalition effort.

On Friday, September 9th at 12pm EST, the Kairos Center will  hold an online seminar about the history of the Original Rainbow Coalition and its lessons for today. We’ll be led by James Tracy, co-author of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times and Hy Thurman, who was a leader in the Young Patriots Organization at the time of the Rainbow Coalition.

To register, please visit: the Kairos Center’s website: